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Article Accessing cPanel via Port 80
The default Cpanel installation for Cpanel control panel, Webmail and WHM is running on the...
Views: 422
Article Are your servers managed?
By default our servers are not managed.  We do however offer Full Management options for an...
Views: 333
Article BANDWIDTH : What is unmetered bandwidth? Is it the same as unlimited bandwidth ?
Unmetered bandwidth means that customer does not get charged any extra bandwidth usage fees...
Views: 292
Article Becoming Familiar and Navigting cPanel - Flash Tutorial
Learn on how to navigate and get familiar with cPanel by watching this flash tutorial....
Views: 321
Article Change a File or Folder Permission in cPanel
All files on UNIX (including Linux and other UNIX variants) machines have access permissions. In...
Views: 387
Article CPanel and How it Helps in Management of Hosted Files
cPanel is one of the most commonly used control panels and features an easy to use interface and...
Views: 300
Article Cpanel Hosting For Effortless Online Business Management
When searching for your web hosting service provider, verifying if they offer cPanel is...
Views: 294
Article Cron Job Setup
From the cPanel, go to Cron jobs, select Standard, and enter (between the quotes) "/usr/bin/php...
Views: 340
Article Hot Link Protection
Hotlinking is when someone displays your images (or other media) on their website by directly...
Views: 334
Article How can I access my cPanel?
Your control panel is accessible via any of the following links:
Views: 365
Article How do I access my account Control Panel ?
Accessing Your Control Panel If your domain name is not yet live on our servers either because...
Views: 330
Article How do I access my cPanel account before propagation?
You can access your CPanel before your domain has propagated by - http://serverIP/cpanel with the...
Views: 297
Article How do I backup / restore / move from one cPanel host to another?
If your old host is using cPanel you are in luck! If they aren't, the only way to move your site...
Views: 355
Article How do I block an IP address using Cpanel?
If there is an IP address you want to block from your website, you can do so inside cPanel. Here...
Views: 356
Article How do I create custom error pages?
To create a custom error page for your account you will need to upload a file with the...
Views: 364
Article How do I execute a PHP file from cron?
In order to execute a PHP file from the CRON, you need to add a line to your PHP script. It has...
Views: 329
Article How do I restore a backup created with CPanel?
If you've previously downloaded a backup copy of your website through your CPanel Control Panel,...
Views: 350
Article How do I use the Backup utility?
The Backup area allows you to download the daily, weekly, or monthly backup file of your entire...
Views: 333
Article How long does it take to setup my account?
For security purposes, all orders with are manually checked for fraud. Typically:...
Views: 336
Article How to Change the cPanel Skin/Style - Flash Tutorial
To change your cPanel Skin, refer to this...
Views: 312
Article How to Create Custom Error Pages - Flash Tutorial
Learn how to create custom error pages in cPanel by watching this Flash tutorial....
Views: 319
Article How to Login to cPanel - Flash Tutorial
Check out this flash tutorial to learn how to log in to your cPanel account....
Views: 315
Article How to Password Protect a Directory in cPanel?
You have the ability to password protect individual directories in your website to provide an...
Views: 626
Article How to password protect a single file?
In order to password protect a single file, you need to have these two files in your...
Views: 305
Article How to Setup a Cron Job - Flash Tutorial
Watch this flash tutorial if you want to learn how to setup a Cron job in cpanel....
Views: 331
Article How to Setup Hot Link protection - Flash Tutorial
learn how to setup a hotlink protection in cPanel by viewing this flash tutorial....
Views: 303
Article How to Use the Index Manager - Flash Tutorial
Refer to this tutorial to learn how to use the Index Manager in cPanel....
Views: 324
Article How to use Web Disk - Flash Tutorial
Watch this flash tutorial to learn how to use the integrated Web Disk in cPanel....
Views: 393
Article Is it possible to create email accounts through a signup form?
It is possible to create such a signup form but we do NOT recommend it because of various...
Views: 270
Article List Installed cPanel Themes
1. To access the Themes Menu, click on Themes, on the main screen of your WebHost Manager...
Views: 333
Article The CPanel is the Most Popular Web Hosting Control Panel
CPanel is where you monitor and manage your website, or in other words it is a web based client...
Views: 351
Article Using File Manager - Flash Tutorial
Learn how to use the File Manager in cPanel by checking this flash tutorial....
Views: 315
Article Using the Disk Usage Viewer - Flash Tutorial
Watch this flash tutorial to learn how you can check your availabe disk space and usage, using...
Views: 312
Article What are the aliases or filters in the Backup Utility tool?
Aliases are used for email Forwarders, etc. in your email accounts your domain(s) being hosted on...
Views: 375
Article What do the different views in cPanel Disk Viewer indicate?
* Show Parent Directories - Displays the parent directories as individual items. * Show More...
Views: 314
Article What is cPanel Backup?
The Backup area of your cPanel control panel allows you to backup your current hosting account,...
Views: 318
Article What is the difference between parked, addon, and subdomains?
An addon domain is a fully functional domain that can be created from your cPanel. Once it's...
Views: 313
Article What is This Cpanel Web Hosting Management Thing?
Most web hosting accounts come with a software management application that gives you easy...
Views: 311
Article Why can't I see my Custom Error Pages?
After setting up the error pages in cpanel, you may need to adjust your browser settings to see...
Views: 307


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