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Article Can I have multiple domains pointing to my site or to a directory on my site?
Yes you can have multiple domains point to the same site or to a directory on your site. When you...
Views: 334
Article Can I transfer existing domain names to you?
Absolutely. To transfer an existing domain name just use the transfer client option when placing...
Views: 385
Article How do I setup parked domain?
To setup a parked domain, first set the nameserver for the domain you wish to park to : primary...
Views: 425
Article How long does it take for my site/domain to appear in search results?
While results with some Search Engines can appear within 2 weeks (becoming increasingly rare),...
Views: 355
Article How to Change Your Password - Flash Tutorial
The flash tutoral below lets you find out how  to change your cPanel password....
Views: 409
Article How to Create a Subdomain - Flash Tutorial
Learn how to create a subdomain in cPanel by checking out this flash tutorial....
Views: 363
Article How to Create an ad-on Domaine - Flash Tutorial
The following tutorial illustrates how you can create an ad-on Domaine on cPanel....
Views: 392
Article How to Create an Auto-Responder - Flash Tutorial
Consult this flash tutorial to learn about how you can create an auto-responder....
Views: 369
Article How to host only a sub-domain on my hosting service?
If you need to host just a subdomain of another domain you have hosted elsewhere, follow these...
Views: 521
Article How to Manage URL Redirects - Flash Tutorial
Check out how to manage URL redirects in cPanel by referring to this flash tutorial....
Views: 391
Article How to Park a Domain - Flash Tutorial
Learn how to park a domain in cPanel by referring to this flash tutorial....
Views: 363
Article How to Password-Protect a Directory - Flash Tutorial
Check the flash tutorial above to learn how to password-protect your direcotries in cPanel....
Views: 393
Article How to setup an Addon Domain
Before you can add an addon domain you must change the name servers for the domain name to the...
Views: 463
Article How to Use the Backup Feature - Flash Tutorial
Check this tutorial to learn how to use backup features in cPanel....
Views: 404
Article I added an addon domain but instead it said subdomain added?
I added an addon domain why did it say a subdomain has been created? Please ignore this! It is a...
Views: 480
Article My subdomain is not working
When creating a sub domain, cPanel will ask you of the folder you want to create which will hold...
Views: 414
Article What do you mean by free domain?
The free domain must be the main domain on your account, which is the domain that you sign up...
Views: 439
Article What if I do not want to or cannot transfer my domain registration to you?
You don't have to transfer your domain registration to us in order to host with us. You can log...
Views: 364
Article What is a parked domain?
Parked domains are secondary domains that you point to your account. They will display the same...
Views: 422
Article What is a parked domain?
A parked domain name is an additional domain name that leads to the same place as the main domain...
Views: 402
Article What is a subdomain? is a domain name. A subdomain is anything that replaces the www in a domain name....
Views: 393
Article What is an addon domain?
An addon domain is a fully functional domain that can be created from within your control panel....
Views: 419
Article What is the difference between a domain and web hosting?
Registering your domain ( gives you sole ownership and rights to the name of your...
Views: 386
Article What is the difference between a parked domain and an addon domain?
Addon domains give you the ability to add a second site to your web space. Unlike a parked...
Views: 329
Article What is the path to an addon domain?
public_html/ADDON DIRECTORY NAME would be the correct path. What ever name you chose for the...
Views: 408
Article When will my domain start working?
It usually takes 24-48 hours for a domain to fully replicate changes, additions, or deletions...
Views: 396
Article Where do I go to manage the domain I bought from you?
You would log into your domain control panel by going to Once...
Views: 406


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