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How do I setup .JSP pages to run from domains' DocumentRoot directory.

Resolution Since the 8th version Plesk uses mod_jk Tomcat connector. To be able to run .JSP pages directly from httpdocs/httpsdocs directories you have to do some additional configuration.

For example you want to place your .JSP pages in the 'jsp' directory. You should create the 'jsp' directory under httpdocs then create the vhost.conf file with the following content: # cat HTTPD_VHOSTS_D/DOMAIN_NAME/conf/vhost.conf JkMount /jsp ajp13 JkMount /jsp/* ajp13 then run websrvmng utility: "PRODUCT_ROOT_D/admin/sbin/websrvmng -v -a". Then you should modify server.xml and create additional 'Context' inside appropriate tag. Host in Tomcat is the same as VirtaulHost in Apache configuration.

Restart tomcat after server.xml modification. Please note that you should replace DOMAIN_NAME with a real domain name. Next, the user Tomcat is run under (usually it is tomcat) should be added into psaserv group in order to allow Tomcat to have access to a domain's httpdocs directory. After that you can access your application by url like this: http://DOMAIN_NAME/jsp

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