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To retrive the guestbook password select the guest book db in PHPMyAdmin and the table book_auth. While browsing it will show you the user name. run this sql command to change the password at the SQL query box in PHPMyAdmin update book_auth set password=PASSWORD('pass') where username='user'; where 'pass' is your password and 'user' is the user name.

Log into your cpanel account and click on "MySQL Databases" then under "Users" create a new user and password if you don't already have one you want to use. Then add that user to the database you wish to work with through Dreamweaver.

At the bottom, add the “%” symbol to the “Add Host” listing, this is a wildcard and will allow connection from any computer if they have the correct user name and password.

Now in dreamweaver make sure your Site is setup for php/mysql you can use our tutorials to make sure it is setup correctly.
Dreamweaver 2004 Dreamweaver 8 Dreamweaver MX

Now to connect to your account and set up a connection to a database.

Up at the top menu bar in Dreamweaver click on “Window” then “Databases”. This will bring up a menu on the side bar, if it is not already up, where you can click on the + button and set up a “MySQL Connection”. Label it what you would like in the “Connection Name” and use these settings:

MySQL Server = localhost
Username = The control panel username then “_” and MySQL database username
Example: cpanel_mysqlname
Password = Password to the MySQL database username
Database = Click “Select” and choose your database

Then you can test the connection to see if your settings are correct.

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