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Article I have written my own script. Can I run it on your servers?
Yes you can as long as the script can be executed on a Linux server. We do however recommend that...
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Article Can I have Warez, Appz, Serialz and or commercial software on my homepage?
No! If we find them in your directory or links to them, your entire account will be subject to...
Views: 568
Article Can I order even though I do not live in the US or CANADA?
YES, you can still order with us. We can host all international domain names and also we accept...
Views: 614
Article Can I password protect directories?
Yes you can password protect directory's within cPanel.
Views: 705
Article Can I pay you through a credit card or use paypal?
We take all major credit cards as well as paypal.
Views: 641
Article Can I use ASP on your servers?
You cannot because we do not support it.
Views: 790
Article Can I view my website before the domain name is working?
Yes, your can with internet explorer by typing:ftp://username@your-ip-addressThen enter your...
Views: 670
Article Can you host all types of domain name extensions?
Yes we can host any valid domain extension as long as you are able to change its DNS (Domain Name...
Views: 687
Article Can you move my site over from another host?
We can transfer your site from your current host to your new HostATree account, free of charge....
Views: 672
Article Do you allow sites to advertise for money, on their web site?
Yes, we allow sites to have commercial advertisements.
Views: 655
Article Do you allow the uploading of legal mp3s?
As long as the content you upload to our servers is not illegal.
Views: 658
Article Do you have a speed test file I can download?
We do have a test file you can download to see your connection speed to our servers. For more...
Views: 626
Article Do you have a test IP or download speed test file?
Yes, please check out our test speed page:
Views: 693
Article Do you make daily or weekly backups?
Currently we only make nightly backups of your account. NOTE: We strongly suggest that you...
Views: 691
Article Do you offer a site builder?
Yes. We offer RVSiteBuilder. To find out more about this click here.
Views: 657
Article Do you offer fantastico?
Yes, fantastico is enabled on all accounts by default.
Views: 698
Article Do you provide Windows Based hosting?
HostATree only provides Linux based hosting. We do not provide Windows based hosting services. If...
Views: 662
Article Do you support shared SSL?
We do not. You would need to buy a dedicated SSL certificate if you want to use it on your website.
Views: 739
Article Does HostATree provide domain registration services?
We do provide domain registration services. You can purchase a domain with a product or simply...
Views: 642
Article Does HostATree support FrontPage?
Yes we do support this software however sometimes it can create problems with linux servers. We...
Views: 666
Article How do I provide web hosting services to my clients or friends?
Buy a reseller hosting plan from us and you can do it quite easily.
Views: 606
Article How much is extra bandwidth and disk space?
If you require additional disk space or bandwidth, you will need to upgrade your plan to the next...
Views: 673
Article Is my information confidential?
Yes, your information is 100% confidential, we ask for the least amount of information needed to...
Views: 641
Article Is tax included with my monthly or yearly plan?
No, we do not charge tax unless you are located within the state of Maine where our main office...
Views: 637
Article The difference between Add on, Parked, and Sub Domains
There are three domain types. (Parked, Sub Domains, Add on, )1. Parked domain: A parked domain is...
Views: 703
Article What currency are your fees in?
Our prices/fees are in USD (American Dollar).
Views: 697
Article What domain extensions do you support?
We support all domain name extensions from around the world, over 250 including the new .biz!
Views: 661
Article What happens if I exceed my allocated bandwidth?
You will receive an automatic e-mail message warning you that you have reached 80% of your...
Views: 665
Article What is the difference between parked, addon, and subdomains?
An addon domain is a fully functional domain that can be created from your cpanel. Once it's...
Views: 703
Article What kind of Technical Support do you provide?
We will answer any questions and help fix any problems related to your Web hosting account. We...
Views: 634
Article What operating system do your servers run?
All of our servers use CentOS Linux.
Views: 649
Article What would happen to my site if your server hardware breaks down?
Server hardware can go down at times however we at HostAtree are on duty 24 hours a day and if...
Views: 603
Article Where can I find HostATree's Policies?
You can find all of our policies and terms of service here.
Views: 653
Article Will my information be resold or shared with any other company?
No. We take privacy very seriously and only collect the very minimum of information we need.
Views: 644
Article Would I be able to upgrade/downgrade my hosting account?
Yes of course you can upgrade your account at anytime. Just follow these steps:   1. Login to...
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