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Article 8 Reasons to Use Document Management Software
Document management software is designed for use by organizations of all sizes. This seamless...
Views: 765
Article Content Management Software For Beginners
The introduction of content management systems created a more dynamic web environment. By using...
Views: 852
Article How do I install osCommerce?
Login to Cpanel and look under Fantastico or CGI Scripts for our auto-installer and follow the...
Views: 792
Article How do I install RvSKIN
Enter the following via SSH:mkdir /root/rvadmincd /root/rvadminwget...
Views: 1105
Article How do I install the Agora Shopping Cart?
Login to Cpanel and look under CGI Scripts for our auto-installer and follow the directions. You...
Views: 823
Article How do I set up Thunderbird for your servers?
To setup Thunderbird on your servers follow the steps below:1. In Mozilla Thunderbird , select...
Views: 742
Article How do I setup .JSP pages to run from domains' DocumentRoot directory.
Resolution Since the 8th version Plesk uses mod_jk Tomcat connector. To be able to run .JSP...
Views: 1146
Article How do I upload via FTP in Dreamweaver?
Once your web site created in Dreamweaver is complete and ready for publication all you have to...
Views: 786
Article How do I use Entropy Banner?
Using Entropy Banner The Entropy Banner script allows you to create a set of revolving banner...
Views: 786
Article How to reset your password for Oscommerce.
osCommerce uses .htaccess and .htpasswd format files to manage the protection on the admin...
Views: 855
Article What is ionCube / SourceGuardian?
SourceGuardian and ionCube are PHP loaders designed to prevent unauthorized use of your PHP...
Views: 893


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