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Article Activating SSL in Oscommerce
In order to configure OsCommerce to work with SSL please open the file...
Views: 801
Article Can I purchase SSL from any other company and install it on my Hostatree account?
Yes, you can purchase SSL from any company you like. For purchasing SSL, CSR (Certificate Signing...
Views: 654
Article How do I transfer a SSL?
Every company that sells SSL certificates has a different transfer procedure. You will need to...
Views: 745
Article How to access my Joomla admin login by HTTPS if I have a private SSL certificate installed on my account?
To start accessing your administrator login page via HTTPS you should edit the code of two files...
Views: 1138
Article How to configure VirtueMart to work with SSL?
VirtueMart can use both a private SSL certificate and a shared SSL certificate. Below you will...
Views: 1097
Article How to Generate Private Key for SSL Certificate?
Before you can generate a KEY file, you must first be sure you are on a hosting package that...
Views: 747
Article I have the path to my shared SSL now how do I use it?
Simply upload files and pages as you normally would.After doing so visit them by going to the the...
Views: 798
Article I'm going to purchase my own SSL what do I need to know?
Our servers are Apache and Mod SSL - When you require assistance from us to install it, there...
Views: 714
Article Install SSL through WHM
To install the SSL Certificate through your WHM you will need to log into WHM first.You will want...
Views: 871
Article Is shared SSL less secure?
No, the SSL is same. It provides same service.
Views: 786
Article SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
A protocol designed by Netscape Communications to enable encrypted, authenticated communications...
Views: 742
Article Webmail / cPanel shows error: There is a problem with this website's security certificate
This warning shows because cPanel / Webmail is configured to work by the server's shared /...
Views: 784
Article What are SSL Certificates?
An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a Web site and...
Views: 776
Article What is the difference between shared SSL and private
A shared SSL displays as https://ip/~yourusername/. A private SSL would display as...
Views: 680
Article What is the path to the free shared SSL?
Please check out for more details.If the domain name is...
Views: 770
Article Where can I get my own SSL Certificate?
There are many Certifying Authorities that can provide you with SSL Certificate. Here are a few...
Views: 742
Article Why do I get the message 'some items are insecure'?
For a server to serve a page securely all items, including graphics, must be accessed using the...
Views: 743
Article Why do my pages load more slowly when I use SSL?
SSL pages are slower because of the overhead needed to encrypt and decrypt the data. The web...
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