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Article .htaccess Tutorial
.htaccess TutorialPart 1 - IntroductionIntroductionIn this tutorial you will find out about the...
Views: 907
Article Basic Email Help
When using email, there is a client and a server. In order to use email, you first need to set up...
Views: 790
Article Getting Started
The very first step is to change your domains dns to the name servers you received in your...
Views: 789
Article How can I send bulk email, and NOT have people complain that I am spamming them?
It's easy! Here's how, in 3 easy steps! Step 1. get the email addresses: Set up a form on your...
Views: 704
Article How do I access my cPanel account before propagation?
You can access your CPanel before your domain has propagated by - http://serverIP/cpanel with the...
Views: 760
Article How do I block certain IP's from hitting my website?
To block a specific IP address, groups of IP addresses, or domains from hitting your website...
Views: 1218
Article How do I create an Auto reply for email?
Here are the steps on how to setup auto reply. Login to the webadmin interface for your mail with...
Views: 748
Article How do I get my site on the search engines?
1. Log into the Host A Tree control panel for you site at 2. Click...
Views: 781
Article How Do I Perform a Flush DNS?
The following steps will flush the DNS entries stored in cache:Close all instances of browsers...
Views: 776
Article How do I restore a MySQL database?
1. Login to your control panel Click on MySQL databases3. Scroll...
Views: 740
Article How do I see the Analog generated traffic reports?
To view your traffic reports generated by analog you need to login to the report at:...
Views: 733
Article How Domain Aliases Work?
With a domain aliasing you can have two domain names such as "" and "" pointing to the...
Views: 790
Article How to ping from Windows?
To "ping" a site in Windows:1. Choose Start - Run2. Type in "CMD" or for win98 "command".3. In...
Views: 979
Article Uploading to your site
You can begin uploading to your account now by using a ftp client or cPanel's File Manager. If...
Views: 770
Article What are the limitations of the kind of streaming you offer?
Http streaming, when compared to the RealServer software offered by doesn't...
Views: 729
Article What is Adminimizer?
Adminimizer is a discontinued server-side product from It is installed on a...
Views: 799
Article What is ASP.NET?
ASP.NET is a programming framework built on the common language runtime that can be used on a...
Views: 779
Article What software do I use to create Real Audio and Video files?
You will need RealProducer to create Real Audio and Video files.There is a free version of this...
Views: 717
Article Why does database access fail with Adobe Go-Live?
Adobe Go-Live appears to require HTTP access to your database. This is a problem since the the...
Views: 822


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