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Harpertown Added To Product Lineup

Core2Duo has served us well and many of our clients. However its seeing the end of life here at HostATree. The server that will be taking its place will be the Core2Quad which is much more powerful than the Core2Duo and will cost just about the same. So after having the C2Q take the C2D’s spot we had to find a server to fill the C2Q’s spot.

After some research we have decided the next popular performance server to offer is the Intel Xeon E5405 Harpertown. It’s by far very popular and favored by many server enthusiasts.

Doing some research we found this server selling for nothing less than $200 a month. After seeing this we have decided to start offering it at $175 a month! We hope this server becomes as popular as we plan for it to be. At a price like that, it’s one heck of a deal!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

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