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Un-managed Hosting

If its time to get serious about web hosting its time to own a dedicated server. Hosting in a shared environment sometimes just isn't enough to give you the flexibility, configurability and control you are looking for. When that is the case owning a server will enable you with the ability to control all aspects of how the web hosting is run.

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Shared Hosting

Shared hosting, which happens to be our most popular line is the most economical way for someone to start out or continue hosting a personal or business website. Its simple enough for the novice to setup a new website yet has the powerful tools necessary for business owners to expand their website to a new level.

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SSL Certificates

Offering your customer a positive experience when shopping online is one of the most important things. Making them feel safe and secure while shopping on your website is one easy way. By purchasing a SSL Certificate you can assure your customers a safe and secure transaction rest at ease that their money and information is being securely handled.    

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Domain Registration

Everyday there are thousands of domains registered! Secure your spot in the World Wide Web before someone snatches the domain you once wanted to register. By registering your domain with us you will be given a full control panel to manage your domain, and if at any point you feel the need to transfer the domain to another registrar we are more then happy to let you do so!

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Server Management

Whether you have purchased a new server and lack the know how to manage it or just need a skilled team of professionals to look after your servers so you can focus more on running your business we feel we have a management plan that will work for you. Our prices are as cheap as they come and yet the quality of service is unmatched even by the biggest names out there.           

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Website Design

With years of experience and a dedicated team of web designers on our side, we offer customers with unparalleled value and impressive service. We are a partner of AKDesigner which allows us to give you discounts on their services. By being a client of HostATree you are entitled to 25% AKDesigner's services. AKDesigner is one of the leading affordable design firms on the web. Contact them today for a quote!

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Domain Reseller Account

Start selling domains to your clients to complete the full service line of your products. With this service you will be able to begin selling domains to your clients at a base rate cost to you at $9.95 a year per domain. This is the perfect addon service if you sell web hosting as this will be just another service you can offer your clients. Why let other registrars collect your clients money when you can!

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